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Balancing Your Emotions Through Cancer


PART 1 – Accepting Opposites

Complete the following sentences for yourself by coming up with an opposite perspective:

I love myself AND I would like to change ______________ .

I have support from friends or family AND I need __________ right now.

I have been doing everything I can to beat cancer AND I feel ____________.


PART 2 – Validating Your Feelings

Try to think of a negative event from the past where it felt nearly impossible for you to focus on anything positive.  Write it down.

Now write down one or two things that you had discounted because you were caught up in the negativity of the moment.




Since your cancer diagnosis, have you ever felt angry or frustrated towards someone close to you, but you may have discounted their feelings or intentions?  Write it down.

In hindsight, are you able to see things from their perspective?

Your feelings are still valid. Write down a statement that will validate the way you were feeling AND respect how they were feeling. 

PART 3 – Moving Forward

Complete the following sentences:

1. ​I feel as though cancer has turning my life upside down AND ___________.


2. Cancer has affected my relationship with ____________ AND___________.


3. I don’t feel like continuing with cancer treatment AND________________.


4. Nobody really understands what I’m going through AND______________.

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