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The Best Free Home Workouts for All Levels

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are still going through cancer treatment or have recently undergone surgery, please consult with your doctor before exercising.  


But if you’ve finished treatment and feel like trying something new…


Here are some great FREE home workouts for various levels:


1.  The Body Coach TV YouTube Channel - has over 250 engaging videos including Workouts with Kids, 7 day challenges, workouts for seniors, and HIIT!

2. Cancer Rehab PT YouTube Channel - I highly recommend this channel for exercise after breast cancer treatment.  There are safe and effective videos to help with lymphedema and post-surgery arm stretches.


3. Yoga with Adriene YouTube Channel - includes yoga for all levels, including yoga for back pain.


4. Heather Robinson YouTube Channel - One of my favorites for more challenging workouts. She has a large selection of low-impact, jump-free workouts, plus the sizeable library of other options, including a 12-week plan. If you’re confident in your knowledge of exercises and don’t need a lot of instruction, this option could be for you.


5. Jessica Valant Pilates YouTube Channel - Pilates are a great way of building core strength after lean muscle.  This channel includes videos on exercising after abdominal surgery or a hysterectomy.

6.  Breast Cancer Answers - This video will show you 6 important exercises after breast cancer treatment.

7.  22 Free Home Workouts

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