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Supporting a loved one with cancer

We're here to help you support your loved one with cancer.

If you are a caregiver or have a loved one with cancer, our program, The Cancer Fighter's Diet, can help you to support them in making simple changes that will increase their chances of fighting cancer or staying in remission.

The Cancer Fighter's Diet

Our easy-to-follow videos will teach you to:

Add Cancer Fighting Foods to Their Meals

Learn which foods are a MUST to help them heal from cancer treatment, and restore any nutrient deficiencies they've acquired.

Help Them Recover from Treatment

Learn how to have less pain and fatigue, better quality sleep, and a more balance hormone levels.

Help Them Build Healthier Habits

Overcome unhealthy habits and get back on track during stressful periods, when their emotions run high, or they lose motivation.


Who We Are...

Own Your Cancer Coaching

At Own Your Cancer Coaching, we are a team of healthcare professionals passionate about supporting people through their journey with cancer and beyond.


Each one of us brings a unique background and experience to help our clients receive a broad range of support.  Every bit of advice we give is medical board certified and backed by current scientific research.

Increase your chances of fighting cancer with The Cancer Fighter's Diet

Regular Price:  $249
SALE!!  $149
(for a limited time)

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*Please note:  The Cancer Fighter's Diet is written directly for cancer patients, however, it is also equally as valuable for their caregivers or loved ones who want to support them in making healthy diet and lifestyle changes.  


"As a Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor and a mother of 3 small children, The Cancer Fighter's Diet, has helped me lose the 22 pounds I had gained during chemo.  Now I also have more energy and confidence that I'm feeding my family healthier foods."

- Julie  

Family cooking after cancer
Cancer Survivor

"I've been suffering from bone pain and fatigue since completing my last round of radiation therapy.  The Cancer Fighter's Diet has taught me how to better manage these side effects, and slowly feel like my old self again."


- Suzette

We know that changing old habits is HARD!

 We use a psychology-based approach to help you and your loved one with cancer stay consistent and motived in making changes that they WILL stick with LONG TERM. 

Easy-to-follow self-paced learning

What makes this video series so unique? 

This isn't just a course on nutrition.

We will teach you how to support your loved one:

  • To have improved digestion, quality of sleep, and less side effects from cancer treatment

  • To increase their chances of survival through simple diet and lifestyle changes

  • Build healthier habits and routines 

  • Achieve their personal health goals like weight loss, weight gain, or being more physically active

  • STOP craving sugar or junk food​

  • Have the motivation to start making healthy changes and stick with them long term!

Regular Price:  $249
SALE!!  $149
(for a limited time)

Screenshot 2022-06-28 074614.png
Cancer survivor and caregiver

Having a loved one with cancer can be a challenge.  Many caregivers put their own needs and feelings aside to focus on that person. This can be hard to maintain, and can take a toll on your health, both mentally and physically. 
Following The Cancer Fighter's Diet can help you make healthy changes you need as well, to maintain your strength and energy while you support your loved one.

Be sure to take care of yourself as well. 

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