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Happy Cancer Survivor

Our team of medical professionals will provide you with support and tools that will help to increase your chances of fighting cancer or staying in remission.

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What is Cancer Remission?

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Remission is when the signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared, although cancer cells may still remain in your body.​  There are two types of remission...


Partial Remission 

When treatments have killed off most of your cancer cells, but tests show you still have some in your body. Your tumor has shrunk from its original size or hasn’t grown bigger. Your doctor may also say that your cancer is 'stable', or 'not progressing'.

Complete Remission

All signs of your cancer and its symptoms are gone.  Another common term used is 'cancer free'.  Some doctors will only consider you to be in complete remission after being symptom-free for 5 years.

Everyone has different reasons for needing professional support. 


You may be worried about how to talk to your children about cancer, have difficulty managing stress, or trying to transition back to work after treatment.  Or you may be caring for a loved one with cancer and need support yourself.

Our experienced healthcare professionals will teach you tools that will help you to navigate life with cancer with greater ease and resiliency.


You can also get answers to questions that you didn't have time to ask your Oncologist. 

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