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Pre-Cancer Self

The Cancer Fighter's 
60-Day Reset Program

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You may be finished treatment but it doesn't mean that you're feeling 100%

Nutrient Deficiencies

Brain Fog & Confusion

Low Energy or Strength

Fears of the Future or Relapse

Mood Swings

Reversing negative side effects can take years if you do it alone.
The good news is that you don't have to...

Mind, Body, and Soul


The goal of this program is to get you stronger, healthier, and feeling more centered as quickly as possible so you can get back to your life, family, and everything you enjoy, without skipping a beat.




Learn powerful tools and techniques to work through your emotions and get your mental agility back.

Learn which foods can restore important nutrients quickly and have been clinically proven to help keep you in remission.

Harness your inner strength and learn coping skills to move beyond fears of the unknown and your future.

Confidence in your knowledge
Your Cancer Fighting Team
Fit Cancer Survivor
Are  you ready to reset?
*Proceeds from the 60-Day Reset will go towards Pediatric Oncology Research in Toronto, Canada.
**To learn more about the 1:1 Coaching Session + Personalized Plan, click here.
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This course is for anyone interested in prioritizing their health. For those of us who recognise that the standard dietary guidelines are not necessarily the best for health, it provides you with science-based facts. I have already made several changes to my diet and look forward to continuing to implement information I learned in the course. 

The flexibility of being able to do the course at your own pace, makes this course very easy to fit into your daily life. The course challenged me to think about many aspects of health and nutrition and provided practical solutions for both diet and health. Time and money well spent!


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I have nothing but praises to sing of this course. It is so much more helpful than any of the hospital videos or group sessions. I tried a few of the free therapy sessions online and they didn't teach me nearly as much as this course did.   May God give you the strength and love you deserve.

I want to start by saying how much I have learned from this course.  It was eye opening and changed my relationship with food. I will never see food or my relationship with it the same. Thank you for all the support and guidance with this program!

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This course is worth doing for your own health and that of your family.   Within 6 weeks of starting, I lost 5 pounds, have less hot flashes, and my liver parameter is no longer concerning. I highly recommend this for anyone post cancer treatment, and ready to improve their diet or lifestyle.

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Sarah & Christine
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