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Balance Exercise


Before you start the video below, download or print out the exercise worksheet HERE.
OR just grab a pen and a piece of paper. 

Let's get started!

Screenshot 2023-11-05 105714.png

After the Video: 
You're on the right track to becoming stronger and more resilient, let's keep the momentum going!  Click on the link below to enroll in one of our support programs today.

You may not have the power to change your situation, but you CAN change your relationship with what is causing you suffering.


We can teach you how to change your relationship with cancer.

It’s completely normal to fear that your cancer will return, that your treatments wont work, or that you’ll pass away and leave your loved ones behind.

Even though you may not realize it, having fearful or anxious thoughts regularly can be affecting your ability to be present with your loved ones, and enjoy your life.  


That’s why we developed our special 1:1 support programs. Taking control of your thoughts and emotions will help you navigate cancer with more strength, resilience, and self-compassion.

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