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woman with cancer

You are not to blame.

Have you ever blamed yourself for getting cancer?

Have you ever thought that if you had only done something differently... lived a healthier lifestyle, or ate a healthier diet, then you wouldn't have gotten cancer?

Certain foods and lifestyle choice can increase your risk of developing cancer or other illnesses, but the truth is that ANYONE can get cancer at ANY time. 

It is a complicated disease, with many causes and many unknowns.  ​

And yet, far too often, people feel responsible for bringing cancer upon themselves.

If a life-long smoker is diagnosed with lung cancer, it’s likely that smoking contributed to the disease. Yet, there are many people with lung cancer who have never smoked a single cigarette in their lives.  And there are life long smokers who will never develop cancer.

Famous athletes who were the epidemy of health for most of their lives have gotten cancer.

People who stay out of the sun, and use sunscreen religiously still get melanoma.

Please know that you are NOT to blame for your cancer! 

It's important to have some self-compassion and remind yourself that you did the best you could with the knowledge and means that you had at different stages of your life.

Rather than dwelling on the past, try focusing on how you can make healthy diet and lifestyle choices from here on out that will optimize your chances of fighting cancer or staying in remission.  


Even the smallest of healthy changes can make a BIG difference in your health.

Starting to make healthy changes is easy once you put your mind to it, but sticking with healthy changes long term and maintaining motivation can be hard.  

This is why we developed an easy-to-follow, video-series especially for cancer survivors, called The Cancer Fighter’s Diet.  These videos will teach you how to incorporate the most important cancer fighting foods into your favorite meals, and how to stay motivated in prioritizing your health, even through stressful times, social gatherings, or when emotions run high.   

We’ve helped countless people successfully make healthy diet and lifestyle changes and would love to help you as well.    

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